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Finding spatial data
Spatial data and related applications
Downloading spatial data

Finding spatial data

The GeoNetwork search engine allows you to search on the following fields In each search fields the user can write expressions using the following grammar: Keywords and operators (and, or not) are not case sensitive.

For instance, in the title field:

anchorage map: search for all metadata containing the words "anchorage" and "map" in the title;
"anchorage map": search for all metadata containing the text "anchorage map" in the title;
"anchorage map" not roads: search for all metadata containing the text "anchorage map" but not the word "roads" in the title.

In the remote search the user can select multiple servers from the list; as an alternative, the user can select a profile; this automatically selects all servers defined for that profile. For instance, the GeoNetwork profile selects all GeoNetwork servers providing remote search capabilities.
Since remote Z39.50 transactions can be very slow, the user can define a timeout for the transaction of 10, 20 and 30 seconds.

Spatial data and related applications

Spatial data that can be found in the GeoNetwork is often used as basic data in advanced web-based applications. These applications target specific problems related to agriculture, livestock, forests, fisheries and food security issues.
The user will be provided with links to these related applications.
Related applications will also allow the user to see what other spatial data makes part of the application.
Related applications can in some cases directly be viewed through the GeoNetwork Dynamic Map interface.

Downloading spatial data

Spatial data is often available for download. Data is provided in data formats that are compatible with most professional GIS applications and a variety of freeware GIS tools.
Downloadable data has a link to proceed for download. You will have to aggree with the download conditions and a disclaimer. You are asked to provide your personal details, and are kindly invited to provide us with feedback on your intended use of the data.
A number of datasets will allow you to only download an area of interest.

GeoNetwork FAQ

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), Tutorials, Reference Manuals and other information on the use of GeoNetwork opensource, please refer to the Documentation center on The GeoNetwork opensource Community website